Rain. Biblical.

Alexa told me it might rain ( 0.2mm ) at 4 o’clock yesterday.
I went out and met my buddy Omer the refugee. We went to the View from the Shard. Well I only buy one ticket and he goes free as my help.
Anyway it rained… and rained… and rained. The view was just mist and rain and greyness and it was packed up there. Probably people ‘ working from home’ as there weren’t any kids.
At some point we had to leave and brave the return trip.
Jesus when I eventually got to Kew, the roads were 6 inches deep in water. 0.2mm my arse.

Thankfully cars didn’t just scream past me and soak me In huge waves…of spray. Well they weren’t going fast enough to do that by and large, but drivers showed me compassion, I have to say.
Yes I got wet, but it wasn’t so bad because it had actually stopped raining.

Jeez to be a refugee. He’s a maths professor at home. If he goes back he’ll be jailed, he thinks deprived of his heart medications in jail … and then soon die. Here he stacks shelves in Sainsbury’s. He earns minimum wage, pays 2/3 of his earnings on his YMCA room, sends home nearly all the rest. He has less than £90 a month left for himself, from which he has to eat and pay for the bus.

His family only phone him to ask for more money.
His children don’t want to know him.. because he left them… well actually he escaped jail. If he had stayed then he’d almost certainly have died, as he wouldn’t have received the heart care he needs.

Either way he lost everything.

I know how he feels.

One thought on “Rain. Biblical.

  1. Russ, I doubt very much you’d remember me. But, you were very inspirational to me as a 18/19 year old at Cirencester RFC late 80’s/ early 90’s I think ? I was at the time p****d because you arrived and understandably went straight into the 1st XV. That meant I had no reason to come
    Back from Loughborough Uni to play lol. But really aspired to run as straight as you did and tackle as hard as you did. Remember coming back one Vets game I think ? Or pre season …to see about x4 chaps hanging off you as you broke through the game line as you always did to score .
    I came across your site following the news of JPR’s death… and was thinking of some of the hardest ‘ backs’ I’d seen or played with . You were right up there … hence I googled your name to see what had happened… and then was saddened to see your news / position. Started reading … fair play to you – once again BATTLING / fighting on and I’m
    Sure your fitness / strength saved you post accident.
    I will be going back to Ciren. For this years vets night and you will always feature In my Ciren dream XV… I’m happy to let you play inside or outside centre … but I’m not going on the wing. Never got enough ball with Gavin white Thompson and taz at 10/9 …never mind the forwards sticking it up there jumper ! Anyway, felt I should send best wishes and will raise a glass to your ongoing fight. All the best in the future for you and your family .

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