Happy new year.

A Christmas with my ole Mum and Dad.
Big love to them for coming. A Xmas Eve fancy lunch out and then an M&S Xmas dinner in a box on the big day. Not exactly stick in the microwave, but it wasn’t that hard to out. Don’t think my dad has ever made anything other than a corned beef sandwich, so I’m glad lunch wasn’t left to him.
Not that I don’t like corned beef.

Xmas telly and Bananagrams and Scrabble.
We did watch a film or two. Saltburn might have been the best one but after the gay sex and the bloody period scene… I paused it.

Shame tho! The second half is cracking… but watched by just myself later on. What a plot twist.

Thanks to Gina G in particular for looking after me of course. She’s my Christmas helper Elf, I’ve decided. Next year I’ll make her wear the outfit.

Have to say my Mojo is under a bloody rock somewhere but I’m looking for the f***er and I’ll find it eventually!

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