Possibly frying pan to fire?

Jesus I feel like crying.

The ‘ hand picked for me ‘ help that arrived from Poland today knows absolutely nothing about me. She doesn’t know my name or any of my history. Whilst I’m sure a lovely lady, and I’m absolutely, absolutely sure she is, she can’t speak a lot of English, which for me, with the complexities of what I do, is going to be so very challenging.

How on Earth do I explain how to connect my Triride, and have a full power spare battery?


The agency is called PROMEDICA. All glossy brochure and promises. The ‘ manager ‘ is a lady that whilst nice, has definitely not lived life in the Fast Lane. There is little that she herself can possibly understand about my life that she can then translate to a non speaker  It’s like asking your Catholic  granny to give a talk on fetish clubs  to a bunch of S&M enthusiasts – it’s not really gonna go that well, and they aren’t gonna learn much.

Again the expectation is that the Caree is totally useless and the Carer dictates the pace.

Let’s see what happens next.

In the meantime I’ll try to find someone myself

I don’t need ‘ caring for ‘ I need someone who’s prepared to keep going and not give up when The going gets tough, has a brain, wants a laugh and will rotate with another person of the same mindset.

As Sky said in her comment, it’s not easy to find that at all, let alone get 2…



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