On solids now.

As well as my iBot, I received my solid tyres yesterday for my regular wheelchair. The upside is NO MORE PUNCTURES/PUMPS/REPAIRS. Brilliant! The downside is getting the bloody things on the wheels. They are thick, solid rubber and that stuff doesn’t stretch a whole lot. Lateral thinking and a large screwdriver as a lever, and about 20 large cable ties and I got them on.

It did take me 2 hours to do it though, and that was working efficiently at it. Definitely not a job you can do in a hurry, as you’d have no chance. Amazingly they came without any fitting instructions so I guess they just leave you to it and hope you can manage?

Anyway, I did manage. Very nice they look too ( as far as tyres can, that is ).

Tonight I have Christmas dinner for 12 at mine – should be a laugh. Got a dozen of my best friends coming ( well 10 plus Wendy, plus me, obvs ) I had to buy 2 tables and 12 chairs that I didn’t previously have. When you are in a wheelchair, furniture doesn’t half get in the way, so all/ most of it will be folded and put away again after Christmas.

I’m supposed to be having my catheter changed today too. Let’s hope he doesn’t f it up again like last time…. that wouldn’t be great for the party…

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