It’s the way he told em.

Really brilliant Christmas dinner last night in my flat. Lots of lovely friends came, and also Tommy Cooper from the dead – yep true.

Thanks to Chris H for interrupting his world tour by plane and bus to be with us for the last hour. Something to do with drones attacking Gatwick airport and his flight from Antigua going to Newcastle instead… mmmm sounds unlikely to me. If he wanted to miss the starter he could have just said?!

Leigh proved himself the music quiz maestro of 2018. Sign of a misspent youth ( life ?) ?

Thanks to everyone for helping, to the chef/esses, and to G for cleaning up this morning!

Top occasion overall, and my iBot helps me so much in social situations- being 6 foot is great!

2 thoughts on “It’s the way he told em.

  1. Fabulous knowing you and Wendy had a fabulous time together with friends.
    Happy for you Russ you have the ibot which I expect can make you taller than most. Really pleased things are coming together with you.

    Love you loads
    Aunty Wendy and John

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