On balance…

So my second day of fasting has passed easily.  I’m on 22 hours and won’t eat before bed, so it’ll be 36 hours.

My stomach definitely appears to de-bloat very effectively, so I reckon I’m onto a winner with this.  It’s no big deal not to eat, it’ll be easier not to put on weight through relative lack of post paralysis exercise, so it’s a bit of a no brainer really.

Ashley has been here for 3 days so it’s been just lovely having her with me. We do have such a laugh – odd girl seems to have the same sense of humour as me … what are the odds on that?!

She’s gone, but the slight compensation is that a new way of getting around arrived, after a fair bit of setback.

Check this out – first go, after about 20 Minutes.

There may be trouble ahead…..

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