Yesterday I met my chum Kerry at London Bridge station.
Since it’s her birthday, I got surprise tickets to see Straight Line Crazy at the Bridge Theatre, starring Ralph Fiennes, no less.
It was brilliant tbh, as were all of the cast, not just RalphyF.

Afterwards I tried to wheel across Tower Bridge to get to Tower tube station, but they’d shut the bridge altogether for some kind of maintenance.

My plan disrupted, I turned around and went back to London Bridge.
By now it’s about 11pm and the tubes don’t run after about midnight, so I do have to get on with it.
I got a tube and intended to change at Westminster. …

Deep in thought doing something on my phone, I missed the stop. Not only Westminster but also my second best option, Green Park.
Not many stations on the Jubilee line are accessible and I’d just F’d up as it was late.

I decided I just had to get off the train, so did, at St Johns Wood. This station isn’t accessible… and I’m now on the platform having dropped down a foot or so from the train, not really that easy, and a bit risky.
I wasn’t going to be able to get back on another train and anyway there wouldn’t be many more.

I wheeled towards the exit sign and there it was, a very, very long escalator, looking like a maximally steep angle.
Wheelchairs aren’t actually allowed on escalators, because they can just fall down them really easily, and the occupant be badly injured.
Well I didn’t have a choice and if I’d called a staff member somehow then he’d not have let me try the escalator.

So I asked a fella coming DOWN if he would help me go UP.

He looked a bit bemused but said he would.
I wheeled on and held onto both rubber sides really hard, and asked him to hold my chair at the back.
If I’d let go, we’d have gone down in one bloody tumbling heap.

I didn’t let go…

And I then got out onto the pavement.
It was now raining hard and I was a lot further away from home than I was when I started 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

I set off in the rain.

Now when I say rain, it was like someone was throwing buckets of water over me.
By the time ( an hour later ) I got back, all of my clothes were absolutely sodden. Not just wet, but as though I’d been pulled out of a swimming pool, fully dressed.

When you can’t move a lot of you, trying to undress and remove clothes that are stuck to you is very hard.

The bed itself gets very wet as trousers can’t come off until I’m in bed. …

It was a bit of a calamity really.
All my fault for not paying attention.

But Jeez.

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