Time for a rest.

Well .. 2 plays, a comedy club and the cinema… in less than 48 hours… I reckon that’s stamina that got me through.

Prima Facie was very good. One woman show about the (in )justice of sexual assault trials..
fantastic performance by Jodie Comer.

Comedy club was excellent too. A pub in Chiswick with really big stars performing. What’s not to like? Paul Zerdin, the comedy ventriloquist was fantastic.

Recommend seeing Wild Men at the cinema too – dead funny! Subtitles don’t diminish.

Thanks to JJ for coming to all 3. We had a fun time!

Invariably when I try to subtly find a drain or tree to water… someone IMMEDIATELY appears by my side. It’s almost spooky. If ever I was lost in the wilderness then I’d just have to try and ‘ Pee ‘ and someone would miraculously appear right in my face.
Yesterday as I found somewhere, I looked up to see a coach driver and a black cab both seemingly needing me to urgently move from where I was. No idea why actually, they could have easily passed me… but no, I had about 50 people all looking at me out of a coach window and Black Cab as I peed.
It’s as though some drivers think they need 100 feet of space to pass me. Very odd and actually irritating!!! 😂

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