Normality. But hard on occasions.

They’re trying to get me to learn stuff that will enable me to survive outside hospital.
With that in mind I had my first SHOWER in 10 weeks this morning.
I washed my own hair and even my own, er, well you know
I was sitting on a wheelchair comode at the time but hey, it was a step in the right direction.

I’ve done some resistance training with rubber bands and also been on a tilt table that you’re strapped into and made to stand up. I go to about 55• then lose blood pressure so they take me off it for a bit and then repeat

You take standing up for granted until you can’t, take it from me.

I had quite a few surprise visitors today, plus Quentin, who was there at my crash and for an hour had to ignore my pleas to be turned on to my back. He said I was desperately struggling to breathe whilst face down in the road, but he knew that moving me might make serious into dead. I want to thank Q for his strength of character during that hour, a feat not everyone could achieve by any means.
I’ve not seen him since the crash , so was pleased to hear him say I looked a lot better than the last time he saw me.

I try really hard not to relive the crash in terms of having been avoidable or just bloody bad timing/ luck, but it’s hard not to.
I’m sort of brought back to earth when I think of the number of times I could have been killed over the last 46 years, whether on skis, in a boat, or on a bike or after drinking.  Dani says that really it’s a miracle this didn’t happen years ago , since I’ve always been a risk taker. So really I’m lucky to have had what I had, aren’t I ?

I’ll be on a sitting down disabled ski bike- look on YouTube – as soon as I can, and a hand powered bike, so plenty of chances to kill myself yet.

Don’t worry about me too much, there are so many people worse off than me, with little hope of rescue. I don’t have to worry about people being there for me it seems so far, so I realise how fortunate I am.

Russ x

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