My weekend..

My ever loyal buddy, Dan White came and got me on Friday, straight off the FES bike, to Chiswick / Acton , where I saw the lovely Cherie for a bit of massage therapy. 

She reports weekly on my physical status, which I find truly helpful. 
Thus far, she says every week that my body is getting stronger, more muscular and more resilient. 
It’s a real fillip to get a weekly boost from a trained eye. 
After seeing my old mate Jerry for a coffee, Dani took me back, to see my stunning god daughter, Emily at our house. 
So nice to see her before she disappeared back to Sheffield Uni. Hope I can yet be a ‘positive influence ‘ in her life..
Watching TV cuddled up to Amber was a real treat after that ( at least for me )..she’s the most adorable little girl. 
Saturday was pretty laid back ( except for half an hour on the Arm Bike that almost killed me ), til about 6pm when my cycling mate Glenn came round, followed by my school friends Mike and Alyson Jenkins and their talented and lovely kids, Ollie and Beth. 
Such a pleasure to have them in our house. 
Then Dan and Saskia came to dinner – really good fun – til I ran totally out of gas at about 12. 
Sas attempted the Whipped Cream Challenge …. No, not the one you Boys will have seen in strip clubs, but the home version. She said not to post it, so I am. 
Judge for yourself .. 
Sunday we went to watch Lily train at hockey, then played board games, then had lunch at our lovely friends’ – Larry and Sarah. 
Two of their boys were there, Jamie and Charlie – great lads. 
Like the Jenkins brood before them I’m struck by the warmth that teenagers show me. There’s a kind of unspoken and rapt attention that they give me, a sort of not necessarily knowing what to say, but not having to say anything. Their eyes say all they need to. 
Great to see Roy, Dickon, Rob and Rebecca, Jo and Andrew , Richard ( all at hockey ) ,  Jonny, Christina and Pat and Martin too. 
Martin’s going to help me sort a car out before too long – adapted hand control obviously – that should give me a different level of independence. 
The thought of driving is a bit scary frankly, but like skiing I’m sure after 10 minutes or so  it’ll seem ok.
Hopefully, anyway. 
I drove a bit like a sensible  old lady before, so I guess I’ll resume my vehicular habits and not feel the need to show off…reckless on skis and almost fatally so  on a bicycle, yet pedestrian behind the wheel – explain that one. 
I’m getting used to being like I am now a lot more now. 
I don’t spend the whole time thinking about what it was like before any more. 
In company I’ve felt so much more like my proper self, it’s really good. 
I looked at pictures of the mess I was in 6 months ago and Christ, I’ve come a long way from the near skeleton I was then.
That’s progress. 

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