My peeps.

Blimey, I’ve had a lot of visitors.
My parents, Gerry, Blair, Pat, Terry, Julie Enders and Georgia,  Adam and Chris ( dressed up as doctors… What if there’d been an emergency, the mind shudders ..) Rob and Kerry, Pia all in the last 2 days.
It’s like Xmas too, as people bring gifts and sweets 🙂

I’ve had Old Lady exercise bands tied to the bed by the physics so I can get some shoulders and arms back. They could double as catapults in the wrong hands..

1 thought on “My peeps.

  1. Hey Russ, can think of some other things you could use them for, but lets not go there>>>> YET
    Also make sure they are tied on really well, as I once punched myself in the face really hard, trying to work my arms
    See you in the week. Glad you slept better xx Laura

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