My day.

Today has been a very full day.
I’ve had my big F off trachy replaced with a smaller one as a stepping stone to it going altogether . It allows me to speak, and to cough up stuff without a tube being inserted into my throat 25 times a day with assisted suction.
I’ve had 4 bday cakes and trillions of cards, emails, texts and gifts.
I can’t thank you all separately, but you know who you are 🙂
Some very special people also came and stood outside the hospital with a massive banner wishing me  a happy birthday. 🙂
Dani and  Lily and Amber watched a  movie in my room as a little family treat, and later I had some champagne. Verdict: disgusting. Tasted like the first drink I ever had!
I’ll have to re learn alcohol appreciation I can see. I’m sure there are plenty of volunteers to help me ?

My Dani has been her usual attentive and dedicated self. What did I do to deserve her?
Just before she left, 10 minutes ago, she cried, saying she didn’t want to leave me alone on my birthday. It’s the first time that she has in front of me.
As I type my eyes are streaming, my first tears too.

Thank you Dani for keeping me going. Without you there it would all be so, so much harder.

Thanks to everyone who thinks of me.


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