Mother dear..

It’s been an awful long time since my mother last looked after me…

But she’s done a great job these last 6 days or so.
And it’s given us a chance to talk in a way that we probably never would have done if I’d not had this accident.

Frankly I think differently ( and more ) than I did before my crash, so conversations are had that never would have taken place.
I hope that in general that’s a good thing.

My mum’s flown a long way to be here, and isn’t used to travelling alone, so it’s no small feat for her to come, but I know that she’s actually had a pretty good time here ( like anyone else that has visited ) which makes me more comfortable with it.

After her departure, on Saturday, I have 13 more days, 8 spent being tested again to measure any benefits ( or deteriorations ) apparent.

Then home 🙂

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