More thanks.

So nice to be with Saskia at her birthday party lunch on Sunday.
I was the Best Man at her’s and Dan’s wedding about 4 years ago.
That was a fantastic day.
No one had trusted me with that duty before then, I think rightly afraid of what I might say in my speech…
But Dan did, and I duly embarrassed him.
On Sunday a few people that I’d not seen since that day came and mentioned my speech, saying if was the funniest Best Man’s speech they’d heard thus far. Ok, it was a bit risqué, but I got away with it… Just.
Thanks so much to Cress for spending half the day with me, and taking me all over the place, and to Berj for taking me home.

Great to seem Emma ( the Tequila Slammer ) yesterday – such a top girl , and then to be taken to the cinema ( and to dinner ) by two former staff/ colleagues – Irum and Farah. We saw The Other Woman – Cameron Diaz etc, and against expectations it was really funny!

Today I see my buddy, Chris, from Uni, then train with Adam, then go to a hand clinic in North London ( with my parents ) to try to get my very painful left thumb treated in some way.
I really hope there is some resolution.
Yesterday I went to work again to mentor some junior staff, plus try a wheelchair that stands me up, to see if I can use it at work.
Great news – it looks like it will enable me to do a lot more than I thought, providing we change the room furniture too.
Pia came with me, as usual, and was her consistent beautiful self.

So.. I’ve been busy, you could say.
Tomorrow I have a work meeting in London for half the day too.

No rest for the wicked, right?

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