Long night

Woke at 3.30 again. But feel ok.
Not allowed normal drinks again, gotta have everything thickened.
Thickened water’s not the best…
But a smoothie is fine. For those outside London, that’s a posh name for a yoghurt without a peel off silver top that you lick.
And it’s more expensive.
Not sure what I’ve got on today but do know this is the calm before the storm.
Got a few books, thanks to Irinder even got Netflix on my ipad!
Never been one for TV, but never spent long periods in bed before either.
Currently on the end of a nebuliser to open my lungs a bit. Should help.
Any TV recommendations?
Dani and the girls go away to Portugal on Friday for a week, so I’ll miss them like anything, but they’re gonna come back for my birthday, by which time I should be sitting up (?).
My mate. Dr Tom came in yday and commented that I wasn’t anywhere near as emaciated as I could be ( looking ok, I think that means )

Am trying to post pics but can’t seem to do that. Anybody got any any stupid pics of me, stick em up and make me laugh.

Lots of love.

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