Life still not predictable then…

As Toby said today – your blog wouldn’t be worth reading if everything started going well for you – mmmmm well yes, I suppose that’s true!

Next up is divorce court stuff on Monday. It’s all fun, fun and more fun for me then. Wendy and I were booked to go away for 5 days on Tuesday, but now that’s cancelled… blimey I’ll have to eat Easter eggs that are dairy free all weekend. Do they even make those ones?

I’m not sinking though. The cracks had started a while ago, so im not exactly shocked it’s ended. But I do wish her all the very best of luck.

Thank you to the peeps that have asked after my head state. It’s fine… but I appreciate the concern. X

Tomorrow I go to see that comedian- Welsh Rhod Gilbert. I wonder if I’ll find he over eggs the welsh and stupid jokes? We shall see.

Being Welsh is cool now ( don’t you know ? ) I’ll wear something red and have a leak whilst there, so he knows he’s amongst friends.

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