Good grief. This is hard work.

Endeavouring to ‘ get straight back on the horse’ as it were… I signed up to a different dating site, one for ‘ 30+ singles with ambition ‘ whatever that means.

Anyway I got a ‘ smile’ after a bit from a lady called Nora.

I stuck my proverbial toe in her water by messaging ‘ Hi, was ‘Ig’ your nickname at school ? 🙂 ‘ Then I said ‘ sorry, that joke was silly’ … by way of being honest about my childishness.

Now that’s admittedly not hilariously funny.. but it is humour and it’s fairly straightforward to get ( isn’t it?)

Anyway she replied with a ‘?’

I said again ‘ that was a silly joke’.

She replied with ‘ what is Ig? ‘

Mmmm. I think maybe Nora isn’t for me. Or perhaps I shouldn’t be quite so razor witted going forward, unless she starts it first?

All advice welcome!

6 thoughts on “Good grief. This is hard work.

  1. I think you should you should not joke about anything until you get to know that person…. Not every one gets your sense of humour it as has been shown on here before. Love Marge x x

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