And I thought my own divorce was a bit toxic?! Good grief, James Cracknell and Bev ( my ex neighbours ) are splitting and she is throwing mud at him from every quarter. Bev… please. To piss on his parade as he has just become the hero of the middle aged nation is ever so questionable as good timing. It won’t help him, which won’t help his earning capacity, which then won’t help you either. James’s sport has financed your lifestyle for 20 years. That’s his JOB… You are criticising him for working, and it’s that that keeps your kids provided for too.

Oh dear. The Cracknell’s are making my ex and I look like best friends!? And Bev is accusing HIM of being irrational….?? He’s maintaining a by and large dignified silence while she throws tantrums. One of them definitely isn’t thinking straight, that’s for sure, but I don’t think it’s the one who had the brain injury.

Divorce is unpleasant. Best avoided all round. I don’t think either party is better off afterwards, all too often. And the kids are used as pawns nearly always.

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