Last Sunday- forgot to post this!

Last 2 carers really lovely. Alori did 28 hours, which included a lot of cleaning up after the previous 2 idiots, and Ku is doing the same. The place looks like it should look – after all it is new.. and should look new. Alori was disgusted by the filth..

Alori and I went to see Blancmange and The Human League in Kew.  Blancmange were better i thought – dead quirky lyrics and a funny front man that was very dry – my kinda humour then.

The first gig I ever saw was The Human League, in Cardiff when I was 20. I felt embarrassed to see them then, as they weren’t that cool, having been out of fashion for 5 years or so. Funny to be seeing them 30 years later and not feeling embarrassed at all then really. They did look quite different – gone was the big blond sloping fringe of PHIL Oakey to be replaced by a totally bald head… and a curious dress sense, like someone off The Matrix ?

The 2 cute ladies had altered too.  One had loads and loads of energy and threw herself around the stage a lot. She was pretty impressive.  The other had also changed, having clearly ate all the pies that she was offered, and ate Phil’s and the other girl ‘s too. Consequently she didn’t move a lot..

These behaviours stand out so much to me.  There’s a slim and fit girl that doesn’t stop moving, and a large one that doesn’t move at all. Just saying then…. perhaps that’s why one is thin and one is large?? Just a thought…. moving burns  calories ; standing still doesn’t..

Anyway, Blancmange 8 and The League 6.  Both definitely worth seeing, for sure.

The posh west London crowd were not regular gig goers, that was obvious – it was far more about how much food they could eat on their picnic blankets. Again, a real dearth of athleticism in the field… hilariously when it rained briefly for about 3 Minutes there was almost total panic. Anybody would have thought a tsunami was coming… waterproofs went on, there was mass sheltering under silvery blankets, and hair was definitely worried about a lot.

How the Other Half live…

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