Last night ….

… I was taken out by Andrew Pelosi. 

I know Andrew via work. 
He works for a big UK contact lens company, called Sauflon. 
They make an awful lot of contact lenses, and Specsavers sell an awful lot of those. 
( and for the record, they make great, comfortable, high quality lenses ) 
Anyway, you could say that Andrew is principally a business contact. 
So what’s he doing driving from God Knows Where, to take me and my college Ina, too, out… and then drive the 3-4 hours back to Swansea?
Well he says it’s because I’m worth it, that he reads this blog, that he’s been touched again and again by its’ content. 
He recalled that our last conversation was where I talked out going on a cycling trip to France, followed soon after by 4 days in a tent at the Glastonbury Festival. 
Along with a lot else, I cannot remember our conversation back in June, and of course I never made it to Glastonbury either. 
My new tent remains in the attic to this day, as yet never put up. Maybe one day?
We had a fun night out, spending a lot of time talking about how different our childhoods in South Wales in the 70’s are to those of our own kids. 
I reckon we had more fun back then, having to make it ourselves, rather than it coming from the iCloud.. 
Ina had never heard of a slow worm, let alone seen one, or carried one about in her pocket for days. 
I don’t suppose sheep were a major feature in her upbringing either. 
Yesterday my lovely friend, Cressida, accompanied me on my wheelchair shopping trip to Asda. 
I wasn’t exactly big on the food shopping thing before, as I can barely heat up water, let alone make dinner. 
True to form, after some carrots, nuts and 2 DVD’s I ran out of ideas. 
I did though try self checkout, though that went wrong with the DVD’s 
My lack of competence was no surprise to me at all, and Cress had to go back after for the apples and oranges ( the onlyl two things that were actually on my ‘list’ ).
I can’t see myself doing a whole load of shopping for the family groceries going forward. It’s not really my area of expertise… 

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