Boris ‘ forgot ‘ to charge my Triride battery, for me to use yesterday. That meant that all day long i was having to stop and ask people if théy could help me to charge my chair. It was a bit touch and go a few times, but I managed to quell the avoidable distress quite well.

Boris knew how having no charge would impact me.

Today, after meeting with the agency worker in the morning, to discuss Boris ‘s faults, i asked him to help my attach the Triride so I could go out.

I honestly could not believe it when I turned it on to find that, guess what… again, after all the hassle of yesterday, he had forgotten AGAIN to plug it in to the wall.

Im not lying when I say that sometimes I am totally bewildered by the completely indifferent attitude of my (paid) help.

I am now plugged into a wall in a shop, having not enough charge to get home.

He doesn’t even apologise… he just shrugs.

Yes, I am doing all I can to get someone else. And to keep smiling.

Thanks to Brian and his mum for all their help with that yesterday, and for the benefit of their wisdom.

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  1. Sorry that your carer situation is as it is. I hope your agency can find a better fit for you soon. Be sure to mention you need someone who is fit and and likes being active because you are out and about every day.

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