Having been ‘ engaged in litigation ‘ for some years now, with one thing and another, I decided yesterday to disengage.

I gave up on the fight for what my ex wife owes me, on the basis that she is absolutely not going to pay me anything anyway ( yes, she’s a lawyer herself and she knows the way the system works ) , and I gave up ‘ fighting for ‘ access to my children, on the basis that if they don’t want to see me they won’t anyway. They know my email address so that ought be enough. They have somewhere ‘ nice’ to live, have their high maintenance mum to look up to, and have Pringle as a new Dad, so it’s not so bad for them overall – plenty of kids are far, far worse off. I have pictures of them on my walls so I remember what they look like…

I now only have my medical negligence legal battle ahead, and that’s going to last for years, so not that exciting or pressing.

Yesterday I unpacked all sorts of stuff, including lots of wedding photos. What do you do with that stuff when you’ve got divorced? I’ve offered it to the Ex but had no reply, so I’ll give it a few days then throw it all out if I don’t hear anything more. I don’t have room for junk in my place.

I feel a great sense of peace where there wasn’t peace before, so that’s good.

Progress, for sure.



5 thoughts on “Peace..

  1. parcel them up and put them in a corner somewhere, out of your place. if yiu are stuck send em to me they can go in my attic. Offer them to your daughters when they are older, if they want to dispose of them then that is their decision

  2. I am always angry about your ex, however taking the moral high ground for a few minutes in which by the sounds of it you are also doing. The photographs are part of your daughters heritage, one day they may well share them with their children as part of their story as to who they are. Make a bit of space for the albums in an area where you don’t need to see them on a regular basis. xx

  3. Sometimes you just have to let it go. I have tried not to judge in the absence of knowing your Ex but seriously from the outside – as a mother- her motives are questionable. Likely she doesn’t read the blog and wouldn’t give a damn anyway but she has placed her own interests over that of her children- full stop. You can build a story from all sides but at the end of the day- your girls are fortunate to have a father that cares and has cared. It takes many sides- she holds a shared accountability but clearly cannot see it. You are right to move on- God knows how long the girls would be dragged through this to tell a story that likely has become
    so distorted it no longer matters. It’s a good thing your Ex doesn’t deal in family law- this would not be a testimonial. It all just makes me ill.

  4. So glad to hear this, Russ. It’s a massive struggle to let go of negative things in our lives. I hope you feel better for it. x

  5. Wedding photos – shred them and put the ones of her in the dustbin. She deserves to end up on the tip. Love to you as always Margaret xx

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