Iph only.

Me n our Lin, from Swansea, went to see ‘Iphigenia in Splott’ the other day. Unlikely name for a play – posh name ( ancient goddess ) and a district in Cardiff ( known for how rough it is ).

Iffy.. or If, as she was known as, did a fairly respectable Kaaaaaadiff accent throughout – not the most attractive of the various Welsh accent flavours, if truth be told .. but anyway.
She was a skanky lowlife type, who then showed her vulnerable and soft ( inside ) nature by falling for a double amputee veteran soldier.

I won’t spoil the rest, but it was sad. Linda cried. Lots did.

We had a few to drink, fair play.
I was amazed to discover it’s even cheaper in Wetherspoons than the last time I went ( 3 years ago ). £9.90 she said … for a large glass (?) said I.
No, for a bottle… of ( very drinkable ) Chardonnay.

Don’t ask me how they do it, but blimey, the other day I was charged £24 for 2 glasses ( and similar quality ).

Crackin’ then. Well Tidy.

Someone should write a play about a paraplegic who gets disastrous surgery that makes things far worse. After 6 years of legal battle, the Surgeon side settle ( obviously accepting no wrongdoing.. like it is in these matters ).
Then his ex wife goes after his ( very moderate and far less than he’ll actually need to pay carers) award.. because her lifestyle has to be more important than him being able to get into and out of bed, and washing. Well clearly.. anyone can see that !
In the play he’s about to have ( yet another uncomfortable and stressful ) Court hearing ( the next week )

It’d make a great play, to be honest, except it’s too far fetched to be credible.

Right ?

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