Brix Ton!

Last night I went to see Morrisey. He of The Smiths.
Totally Cult figure.
But without everyone dying at the end.
Well hopefully?

Journeying via iBot is far more complicated than by Triride. 6 buses in total and 4 tube trains. Cold and dark and iBot has a fault where it keeps wanting to be shut down. No, not helpful!

Morrisey was great. The travel makes it really questionable as to whether it’s worth it.
It’s Brixton – that’s a long way from Brentford in an iBot.

Thanks to luscious Lin from Swansea for coming. Her first time accompanying me across town. F me it’s stressful for her, and she’s not the one in the chair.

People are blind to the 6 foot Transformer heading towards them. Heads down on phones, with ear buds in. No one sees me or hears me. The lifts are full of able young people that just can’t be arsed to walk. They don’t move for me. I push in anyway… because well, I have no choice – they do.

I don’t win any popularity prizes on public transport, but honestly, if I wasn’t ’ forthright’ I’d be late for everything.

The ex wife situation is on my mind constantly. She is only interested in my downfall.. but good luck with that. Immorality won’t triumph. That I know. No judge will see it her way.

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