Great seeing my homies from The Unfortunates, who made their way to my place for wine and Morrison’s ( ‘Best’ of course ) pizza. Bolt the Dawg was as usual the best of us, with the cleverest things to say.

Lovely to see my little friend from oop North too. Fun times In London were had in our whirlwind tour of the Sights!

Court hearing on Wednesday, and it’s galling to know that my legal costs in what is surely a cut and dry case still mount up. Every 10 minutes of lawyer time is a week of care that I’ll lose cash for.
Jeez, my Ex. When will she just go away/ be struck by lightning?

Cheap theatre tickets tonight. I could do with an early night but it’s not to be… sleep when you’re dead, right ( and I’ve almost been several times ).

Massive thanks to Toby for once again fixing ( or almost ) my wheelchair. Tririding at 40mph has clearly thrashed it and I’m going to have to buy yet another chair.


And that’s why I need the bloody money I’ve got coming.
It’s not for fancy holidays or fast cars!!

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