Ibot got.

IBot got!

Now on a train back.
Lord knows what will happen next 🤦‍♂️

Gina is in charge of my other chair, that has the Triride attached. Not having any spatial awareness or coordination, it’s a mixture of hilarious and bewilderment just watching her ‘ push it along.
I manage to rarely collide with anything whilst in charge of it, despite not being able to look behind me…. Gina manages to collide with everything despite having control of her whole body, and being able to look behind her.

Surrounded by male passengers with ‘ very nice ‘ man bags.. they do like a bit of ‘ can’t see why only women can carry a clutch purse’ here in The Netherlands. #Howverydareyou!

2 thoughts on “Ibot got.

  1. You have finally got your IBot
    Congratulations my amazing son
    Everything’s been a struggle
    But the IBot day has been won

    What a piece of equipment
    It’s almost a humanised chair
    Will it ever say’ no can go ‘ to you
    Cos it can go anywhere .

    It can go ,up and up those steps
    And then it can wheel back down.
    It can take you for a beer
    Upright with the rest of the crowd

    From today you will be eye to eye
    No more looking upwards when speaking
    You will be upright with the best of them
    Although some of your friends may be freaking

    Out when they see you at the bar
    Head and shoulders above the rest
    What a difference your IBot will make to your life
    You will be up there with the best.

    Don’t drive too crazily up the street
    Give the driving mankind some warning
    As a kid you were wild on your skate board
    So stay calm, as your new life is dawning.

    You can go to places you couldn’t go
    You can climb those inaccessible stairs
    You will be racing motorists, I just know that you will
    Please remember all the people who care

    Who admire your positive approach to life
    Who want you to be the eagle that’s flown .
    Have fun, but stay safe you courageous man .
    In that IBot you are wearing the crown

    1. Ibot got
      Cost a lot 🤷
      Midget no more
      Head turns galore
      Again now 6 foot to the top

      Of my head

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