I wonder if he’s right. Just maybe.

You’re right about the long steep hill but you’re not at the bottom. It was only Sept when you had tubes everywhere and weren’t strong enough to lift your phone.
You’re discovering your new self – skiing one example, strength recovery another, less sores a third (used to be in every blog but no more). 
This year you’ll get fit, understand your bowels, learn to drive, re-learn how to do your favourite sports and become independent. Plus spend loads of quality time with Dani, Lily and Amber and go back to work. 
And motivate a load of folk without meaning to.
You’re learning the skills you need for the next 35 years. It’ll be tough and not what you’d choose but I reckon you’ll enjoy the year – intelligent people like challenges.
My bet – in 12 months you’ll look back with pride. And be ready and raring.

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  1. Russ, It’s taken an age for your accident to filter to me in Southern Florida but Lou finally filled me…not going to dwell on it however as one competitive bugger to another I know that it’s not going to slow you down. You were always someone that I wanted to emulate in your myriad of activities and even when you beat me in the London Marathon, which is supposedly my sport, you were still generous in your wishes. You will continue to get stronger, in every sense, and once again will still be able to thrash me in everything you turn your hand to… Remember me to Dani and take care. Laurence

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