He speaks the truth.



I would never underestimate the changes you are having to adapt to, but some are permanent others are not. Take your old self. Take him off the river and put him in a hospital out of the sun and full of infections. I imagine the old you would like the new you be struggling to fight off the infections. Take the new you and get him out of the hospital and home with his family. Get him eating properly again, let him get some sunshine on his face and some fresh air in his lungs and I suspect in six months you will be no more sickly than the old you.


As for saving anyone a lot of problems by staying on the mountainside in France. Who would be there for your girls when they come home upset because the boy they like has been unkind? Or the boss has been a bully? Who is going to give the speech at their wedding? Or rock their babies to sleep on his lap? That’s going to be you my friend and they would have given everything they had to make sure you left that mountainside alive and came home to them.


I hope you are feeling much better soon. I know you have a lot of visitors, but are you less busy any nights this week or next? (can’t do this Thursday)


Kind regards,





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