Happy Easter

Fun times at The Wombats at the O2 on Friday
It’s not the best venue – too big ! – but obviously they can sell more tickets… and it was pretty packed.
The wheelchair areas are either about a 120 metres away from the stage, or just about 10 yards. Friday was the close one. They were good tbh. J doesnt really drink, so it’s me ‘ partying ‘ by myself to a degree. Not that I’m promoting alcohol…. but generally it adds to anything social. I blame my parents! Why not?

Met with Lily beforehand. She’s doing well, having almost secured a job post Oxford in a top law firm. Gulp – another lawyer in my ‘ family’ Her mum is one, of course, and I wasn’t really expecting another. Obviously it’s a good career though, and Lily is such a lovely girl/ woman that she’d add to any business that was fortunate enough to have her.

Tonight it’s Groove Armada in Brixton. Blimey it’s been a bit much of late and I’m tired!
Not as tiring as the DW canoe race which has taken place this weekend… that were it not for injury I’m sure I’d have been doing – tho it’s ending 17 miles short this year, at Teddington! Apparently the finish line ‘ camp ‘ – showers and medics etc, wasn’t allowed this year.
Jeez… why on Earth not..?! You can’t just mess with this stuff- some things are sacred.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Lily is already thinking about what to do after she graduates? The time flies by, doesn’t it? You are such a proud Papa, it’s very sweet. And of course, she’s a wonderful young woman.

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