Now my tyres are injected with Slime ( that’s the stuff that instantly fills any small holes you might get ) I’m ok to go resume my normal ( but abnormal ) life. Fear of puncture is very real when you don’t have the option of non wheeled travel.

Anyway, I’ve seen yet more gigs, and yet more theatre… most of it postponed from ages ago. Sometimes it’s a struggle to get someone to come with me tbh, as most people aren’t that spontaneous ( or they don’t like me ).

So I’ve seen Supergrass and The Fratellis, and a play called Scandaltown, and also War of the Worlds. Oh and thé Stereophonics yet again…and also Nitin Sawhney.
Thanks to my various friends who have come along for the ride… tho Kerry did actually buy tickets for once… and Chris invited me to a gig ( much appreciated both !)

After Brentford thrashed Chelsea ( well who’d have thunk ?! ) 4-1 last week , we now have West Ham tomorrow. A win might guarantee Premiership status next year – and I reckon 2 more wins in total will assure it… so fingers crossed for that!

Thanks to Toby for fixing a hoist that I wanted to use ( but because I hadn’t for a year fell victim to the modern problem of the lithium ion batteries then being buggered…. requiring new blimmin batteries. Thankfully online you can get them fairly cheaply if you know what to buy. If you don’t and you call the disabled hoist company, you get totally stiffed for cheaply sourced readily available batteries- scandalous how the disabled are so often f***ed over.

Sad I couldn’t attend my dad’s 80th party! Travel and overnight stays are not straightforward at all to stuff like that, unless you have an ‘ available partner’ that is willing to help me a shitload. Currently I don’t, so I couldn’t go. Never mind, I’ll make it up to him In London soon.

My refugee buddy has been moved to bloody Luton – with a few hours notice. That’s too far to go to reach him… so that’s made anything other than texting/ calling a bit impossible on a regular basis. For sure it’s led to a real downturn in his mental well-being. As he’s overweight and with a subsequent heart condition, I’ve told him to use his time exercising and eating less. If he can manage to lose a few stones while he’s ‘ interred’ then it will have been a productive period.
Look to the positives… always.

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