Full on day.

Think you need to resister agooglmail email address to write something…?

Lots of visitors gently waking me today, but I’ve been in the chair ( ribs hurt too much for more than 20mins, had physio, seen food therapist , but can’t talk cos ‘ speaking valve’ back in’  app was raising my co2 too much 🙁
Charlit came from. Hong Kong to see me. That guy’s a legend.

Gonna see lots of my work ppl tomo, should be a step closer to normality..,

1 thought on “Full on day.

  1. Just been out for post-hospital dinner with “Charlie from Hong Kong” otherwise known as “Charlie Perkins, the horses arse”. Russ, we are all agreed that YOU are the legend, no one else. We’re all expecting big things from you and so far you are not disappointing……..:-)

    love you


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