I went to see Ferrari the other day with my old mate Marky P. Access in cinemas is a bit hit and miss. Get it wrong and you end up right at the front about 15 feet from a 100 foot high screen. That’s like sitting 2 feet away from your telly
at home.

For Ferrari however the lift was working and we were at the back in a little box area. All good up there. Absolutely brilliant film. Best I’ve seen for a year or so. He was a bit of a lad was Enzo Ferrari, what with his fast car factory and his long term mistress / second family.
Go and see it. It’s quite a story.

Then last night Kerry MS and I went to see Prof Brian Cox speak in Richmond. Gawd he’s a clever fellow… just like all of those astrophysicist types… I know he did his best to dumb it down… but clearly not enough for myself! Still incredibly watchable though.
Among the things that stuck were that in all likelihood we here on Earth and probably the only planet like it in the entire universe. To achieve what we have here doesn’t just take the right temperature, minerals, elements etc but also critically requires the planet not to be regularly ( or even infrequently ) battered by asteroid impacts that destroy all life on a regular basis. THAT is a very key feature! Makes sense, right ?

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