It’s bloody February

Haven’t visited this diary for a while.
Life has been better.

I have been able to sleep and Christ that makes a difference. Ive been exercising a fair bit too and that helps me to sleep.. it’s all related.
January wasn’t exactly busy but it’s been ok merely because it was a shit load better than September to December!

I’ve been doing stuff/ going to things often enough for it to be fine. Tomorrow is my mum’s birthday ( it was my Dad’s last week ) and my folks are coming down to stay. We ll have a good time I’m sure!

I’ve had the usual calamities with wheelchair breakdowns etc but it’s all in hand generally.
Tomorrow night is the theatre. Had to bump Kerry for my mum to come. Twelve Angry Men, it is. I told Kerry it sounds like a play about all her recent ex boyfriends….. 😂

Anyway… back soon I’m sure!

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