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From Dani:

Had a good chat with the critical care duty doctor this morning. He showed me the latest chest x-rays from which Russ’s numerous rib fractures are still very much in evidence – as is his lung damage. So still quite a way to go before the chest trauma damage is fully mended. This obviously impacts on his respiratory functioning, making progress that much slower.

Having said that, progress is being made and the medics have now agreed that Russ is able to be off the ventilator during the day, resuming it during the night.

He’s also now back on solid food during the day, being fed by tube during the night. Great food menu at London Bridge Hospital; real top notch fodder. The doctor suggested that Russ go big time for the carbo/protein load. However, Russ is finding it difficult to break his lifetime fascist food regime and, despite the doctor”s advice, always goes for the “healthy” white fish and fruit platter options. On top of everything else, he doesn’t want to turn into a fat bastard!! :-s

As Melissa mentioned, there is an ever-present orderly queue of visitors for Russ outside the doors of Critical Care. I left the hospital at 10:45pm and was there most of the day. By my count, there were 13 other visitors during the course of the day. The nurses have decided that as visiting is going to be permanently busy,they need to diarise some daily “recovery time” for Russ and we have therefore decided that he will have a break from visitors and treatment 10-11am and 2-4pm each day. As he wakes up early, they are relaxed about early pre-10am visitors 🙂

I continue to be wined and dined most nights post-hospital visits. My poor liver. I”ll always be thankful to Cardiff University for my alcohol-drinking qualifications. I might have only got a 2:1 in law, but I got a double first in drinking – and that has stood me in good stead all my life :-).  Russ was keen for me to post a piccy I took at dinner last night, not least because of the rather amusing “speccy” theme. As is the way when you are dining with 40-something friends, there is always someone who’s clearly become old-age long sighted but is not prepared to accept it and nonetheless tries to soldier on without glasses albeit clearly unable to read a bloody thing. Step forward Sarah Frankum who can’t even read a restaurant menu without lots of dramatic gurning expressions. Anyway, check out the picture below where Sarah is sporting some “reading” glasses fitted with mini spotlights at each side, produced by the maitre d’ of the restaurant. Now that’s what I call service!!!

Available in your local Specsavers store shortly.

Danielle xxxx 

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