Calm then Storm then calm.

I got my wheelchair back! I never thought I’d be so pleased to see a bloody wheelchair, but yes it seems that’s the way it is now.  They got the broken seized on wheel off and I have a spare wheel on there, and blimey it’s far better for it. I’ve realised that the broken one has been breaking for a long time, in retrospect, making the ‘ ride’ not great. With a change of wheels it feels very different.

That positive had to lead to a negative of course, and that came with the catheter change that I had today. I bled a lot internally, the catheter blocked with clotted blood and I was stuck with a full bladder and no way to drain it. Thankfully the nurse came back out to my flat within an hour, and resolved it, to my huge relief. Thoughts of ‘ here we bloody go again ‘ were rampant in my head, but actually not this time.

I have to thank my close friends for their love during a difficult time for me, and my parents and brothers, but most of all Wendy, who is a definitely a shining gem.

Thanks too to Fanny, who without knowing it also helped.

Big kiss for Fanny then.

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