I looked down just now to check that my catheter, which goes into my abdomen about 2 inches below my tummy button, was ok. It looked like I’d been stabbed, there was so much blood in my pants, and of course totally painless to me.

Anyway, largely kinda wiped off now. I suppose it just had to all work it’s way out of me.

My front tooth also fell off yesterday… it being a veneer/ crown thing fitted 4 years ago ( and apparently indestructible …. yeah right ) so I glued it back on with superglue, As there were 2 pieces and I’d already glued the bottom bit before I even found the top bit, it’s not exactly perfect, but it’s passable ( from a distance ).

All in all an eventful 24 hours of bodily malfunctions then.

On the upside we saw Sigrid the other day in Brixton. Wow what a talent she is. If you go to one gig this coming year, go to see her. Just going from strength to strength. Having seen her about February time previously, she has transformed into a superstar in the making

10/10 for Sigrid- best artist this year, for me.

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