My Little Pet.

So I’ve had my lil pet for almost a week now. She’s a pretty lady budgie, white with blue breast feathers and some yellow here and there and I’ve have called her Fanny.

She and I are bonding slowly, but you can’t rush these things, can you? I think it’ll take a while for Fanny to let me into her trust, but with a tactic of lots of smiling and gentle words, I hope that I will be able to stroke Fanny soon.

For now I smile as Fanny flaps around.

Fanny flaps loudly for a little bird, and the cage is big enough for her to fly a fair bit from perch to perch, and have a peck at various things I’ve put in there.

She has a bird bath so Fanny can get wet, though she hasn’t yet. Or maybe that’s what she does in private, when I’m not looking?

For sure I’ll look after and love my little pet, and definitely take Fanny’s maintenance seriously.
She’s in safe hands!

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