Blog from the bog.

That’s right, that’s where I’m sat right now. 

It’s Xmas morning and I await the first Yuletide Log of the Season….
Ah, a result!
Thanks to Melissa for calling me on FaceTime video call just a moment ago. I think it was the ‘help’ I needed intestinally, if you get my drift…
She looked a little perturbed to see me naked on the bog, but hey, she’s family. 
And it’s not the first time, I’m sure, thinkin back… She used to live with us. 
Happy Xmas to all you lovely people out there from me, and from my family here in Vermont. 
I hope those that can will get out there and ski today. The sun is shining, and there’s a whole load of new (artificial) snow on the ground. Perfect, tho bloody cold out there. 
I’ll have to wait til the 27th to have a try, but at least that ensures an uninjured Xmas day for me!
The kids are dead excited, tho a little short of presents as they opened most of them at home last week… Yep, they regret that now, surprise surprise. 
My present from Dani got lost in the taxi from NY to Alwyn’s too… Tho got found and should get posted to here eventually. 
I’m fine about that, presents don’t matter to me much now;  seeing so many happy people around me is a shit load better. 
We have lunch at 4, so hours to full between now and then. 
For me that means TV and music and chat I guess, and I’m perfectly content with that. Pre accident I’d definitely gone for a Xmas canoe, but to be honest that did used to P my wife off. 
I think if you asked her now, she’d admit that the pain I was then is trifling compared to the work I am now mind. 
Her Xmas Day morning involved doing things no one outside the medical profession/ DynaRod ought have to even read about. 
Thank you Dani for smiling ( ok, grimacing ) your way through it. 
Merry Xmas Darling. 
This evening should be great fun. 
More Balderdash beckons. Everyone’s into it now. I won again last night, but the rest are closing on me… thankfully ( no one likes a smartarse 😉
It must be evening in the UK, so you’ll be mostly pissed by now. 
Good, keep going. 
I would have done. 
May peace be with you. 

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  1. Hello all. Russ thanks for sharing the ups and the downs over the last 6 months. Well done Dani – he’s a pain in the arse but probably worth it!! Again Merry Xmas. J

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