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This blog almost disappeared the other day. Some server domain name thingy that is techy.
Anyway it was rescued by Tim and Tom, not some double act but 2 smart fellas that got together and sorted it.
Had it gone? Well I have lost everything at some point or other, so it didn’t really affect me.

I would like my kids to read it one day, once they ‘ wake up ‘ to the reality. That may be a while ahead though.

Bloody hell ive been busy. More busy than for 10 years. Spasm management takes up a lot of my time, but everything seems to have happened at the same time in my life and I’ve always thrived on challenges- so yes, I’ve really liked the last couple of months

I was at the theatre last night and there was a fire alarm. Building evacuation.
If it has been a real fire I’d have probably died. No one gets out of the bloody way to let me pass. Very few people seem to have much spatial understanding and don’t get that to say, go up a slope in a hefty Machine, unless you give it some throttle it won’t make it.
Well if I’m coming up your slope then move perhaps? Or risk being mown down.
But they don’t move and it does get a bit dangerous ( for them ). They just don’t realise it. 🤦‍♂️

The ‘ team ‘ in Richmond theatre is a small lady of around 60 and a dwarf ( no, not messing). Handy as a panto stand in tho, I’m sure.
The lady last night, during evacuation, and I was last out, said ‘ don’t worry, we will get you out Sir’.
Well no, you wouldn’t. It’s me that gets me out. It would be handy if you moved out of the way though.

Going pretty much alcohol free has been a positive. I like Becks Blue 0 % more than I like the ‘ proper ‘ stuff. Who’d have thunk.

Massive gratitude to Toby, to Natalie, to Sheila for their help of late btw.

I’ve now got a vehicle too. Just not actually driven it yet. Well I need the driver seat removed first, for a start!

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