I live next to the canal/ River Brent.
Of course there are rats.
Now there are a family of rats that seem to live on my terrace.
I’ve bought a BB gun… and a very lethal rat killing electric thing. Neither have arrived yet.
When they do, it might get a bit messy for the rats.
I don’t want to kill anything really, but if the f’ers decide to come inside my flat then I’ll be in trouble.
My budgies might kill them.. but I don’t have budgies now. One died and I gave the other to a nice lady that had 3 budgies in a small cage.
Well now she has 4 and a massive cage.
And I have a lot more bloody room!

I’ve also been doing a lot of exercise. Obviously standard exercise is impossible but a Powerball.. amazing what you can do from a seated position with one of those!

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