And 2 steps back..

As usual then, as things get better, something happens that pushes my head under water again.

The lump in my lower back that was just a lump is now becoming a pointed lump all of a sudden ( like a screw is about to burst out of my skin ).

I think that it’s probably a screw that’s about to burst out of my skin then?

Im in bed and think that’s probably the best thing I can do until I’m told otherwise. If it all breaks internally and comes tumbling down then there are major blood vessels in the vicinity that get caught in the crossfire and I die. Although I’m ok with that, I’m definitely up for giving not dying an equal chance now, so I’m being cautious.

I’ve left messages with 2 surgeons ( definitely NOT going to A and E for something this specialist )  and I will hear from them tomorrow I think, and then decide what to do. Personally I think someone should come here and assess me, before I try to get help back into my chair, as every transfer is potentially disastrous I think.

Mentally it’s not taken me down with it, I have to say, or not just yet, as I am more than able to process the situation ever so logically these days.

Other than that, lovely to see Glenn today, Leigh and Bev on Friday, Cherie today, Miles and Charlie, Chris H  and lots of Wendy ( lovely from every angle ).

So it’s watch this space then. If I’m right then I’ll be in hospital this week, and will be staying there, messing up next weekend’s many plans.. and any I had for a couple of months.

But hey.

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