I’m not having the best day, I have to say.

I tried to put up a little shelf ( not easy when you can’t change position much ) and made a total bollocks of it.

I then went out.  As I approached a zebra crossing on my Triride at full speed, a skinny blond chap sort of minced onto the crossing. If I’d braked I’d have crashed, so I didn’t and he had to wait about another 2 seconds to cross the road.

As i went by, he shouted out ‘ TWAT’.

Having had a bad start to the day, I found myself turning my Tri around and going back to ask him if he’d been talking to me, and saying they braking hard and falling out isn’t a great option for me.

Not giving any ground, he said something high pitched and  ‘unsympathetic ‘ back to me.

I then found myself saying ‘ You be nice to disabled people, ok, like I am to Queers..’

I’m not in the slightest bit homophobic, but sometimes you just come out with stuff?

Or is it just me?

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