An excerpt from an email I just sent..

But yes, I have changed, I have turned a corner ( tho at this EXACT   moment I feel a little down ) and the future looks far brighter. 

Not long ago I was in shock all of the time. Every smile was false. 
Now, nearly every one is for real. 

Seeing people move around quickly and spontaneously would hurt me. 
Now I’m accepting it more easily. 

I’ve learnt that I will have to accept help all of my life, but that people give it generously, genuinely and readily. 

It’s not come quickly, this brain re-wire, but Christ, it’s positive that it has. 

6 thoughts on “An excerpt from an email I just sent..

  1. So glad you’ve finally turned that corner. I know it was hard to believe at first that it would ever happen. Thank goodness you are now having good days and real smiles as well as taking the tough stuff on the chin with grace.

    Onwards and upwards, mate. (Unless you’re on the sit ski, in which case downhill all the way.)

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