Roy told me today that the first day’s riding in France was almost over – 10 miles to go – when I crashed.

Various hills had been climbed, and fast descents completed, all without mishap.


So much I don’t know about the trip that changed the trajectory  of my life so drastically.

The  people that came, all close friends and family, had, it would seem, some very big nights out whilst my life hung in the balance.

Its only natural, I think, when the chips are down, to almost overcompensate, to make yourself bloody cheer up.

After all, some of the best parties I’ve been to, have been wakes.

Dani, through her fortitude, and the example she set, ensured that no one cracked, I’m told.

And my brothers kept everyone entertained. Roy told me today that he realised that I was an absolute combination of my two brothers ..having got to know them in Toulon, in the waiting room of the hospital, and in various bars after visiting hours.

A combination of those 2 maniacs…. God, how did that happen?


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