Almost a whole year, then.

This day, last year, I was retaping the handlebars of my road bike, in readiness for a 3 day trip to France.
I’d not done a lot of cycling in the build up, as my left hand was in plaster from a ski accident, followed by a bike crash on the way to work, dislocating and breaking my left thumb.
I wasn’t too bothered by my injury, guessing that it would all be fine in time, and knowing that even without training I’d get through the French ride anyway.
My last memory of England was going to the Nike store in Covent Garden the day before I flew to France. I can’t remember going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Dani and my girls, that same evening.
I do know recall bits of the morning of Crash Day.

If only I’d missed my flight.

This last week I’ve seen lots of people. Kevin Young, my buddy from school, seen last 15 yrs ago ( once ) and before that 30 yrs ago… Came the other day, bringing beer.
Good laugh reminiscing and talking about a few people from school.
When you’ve got 30 yrs to catch up on, there’s no shortage of things to say.
I’ve seen Andrew and Lisa ( top night out ), been to Amber’s school again to chat to her teachers, been to work twice, spent a lot of time with Pia and Debs, met up with the lovely Issy, learnt to shoot an air gun with my fantastic mate, Rob in my garden – tin cans and proper paper targets, not next door’s cat – been stretched by Ali, had community physio with Anna and Louisa in the Hounslow centre,spent a great afternoon with Colin, and been to a great party last night near Brighton – thanks JuJu, was a great night.
I’ve also taken delivery of a Berkel Bike which once wired up to it makes my legs actually pedal all by themselves.

Yep, back on a bike then.

Sort of timely, isn’t it?

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  1. how would it be to commemorate your horrible anniversary by getting the world to vote for paralysis research to receive the £10 million grant @
    I’ve just voted!
    Good luck
    ps I am not a complete stranger – my daughter is at Kew Green with Amber and my elderly mother Barbara is slightly in love with you (this puts you in an elite group – just Frank Sinatra and yourself )

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