A response.

I am sooo proud of you. Antidepressants have nothing to do with giving in. Depression after trauma is a biochemical imbalance. Your mind is foggy you have trouble concentrating you play the same thoughts around and around the thoughts and feelings do not get better. It’s chemistry and chemistry builds a pattern that rational thought cannot balance. It’s physiologically impossible. You need to feed and stabilize the imbalance. Everyone I know has been on antidepressants at one point in their life. Myself included. Give yourself a break give yourself a chance. This is a major breakthrough. Truly responsible and wise.

( and this writer is no pussy)

10 thoughts on “A response.

  1. Your biochemistry is out of whack. Meds will rebalance it.
    It’s not a matter of strength or weakness, it’s serotonin and all that jazz.
    You’re wise to use meds to help lift you from a dangerous state of brain chemistry; it will help you get through this phase of your treatment and keep you on track to getting a better life.
    Love, hugs and all that soppy stuff you boys hate,

  2. Hi Russ, we’re all with you on this. It’s not a sign of weakness, rather of strength. I’m sure you’re aware anti-depressants may take time to kick in. So keep the faith. PS Wish comments weren’t public…

  3. Think this is a good strategy Russ. Agree with this totally. If it gets you to a better place and means you can put a few short term demons to rest – all the better. Thinking of you Russ. R

  4. Thank the lord you have finally listened to reason!
    That last comment is so true.
    You’ve done so brilliantly so far, and this combined with everything else you are doing is definately the way forward.
    Now you just need to reconsider your crazy diet?!

  5. Rebalancing your chemical system is a winners strategy. You probably won’t want/ need them forever. But for the short term, they can make a massive difference to break the current stasis.
    And it will mean a massive mood improvement. It will get better, the seperation from family & friends won’t last forever, just a few more weeks.
    Chin chin, salute to you & better days.

      1. More than welcome, Russell.
        In Hindsight, my 20’s would have been much better with them. Besides, you’re one of my favouritist people.

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