So whilst I thought that admitting to needing a little help would open the floodgates of the drug cupboard, it would seem not.

I’ve heard countless stories of people being supplied with pills ( for what I’d interpreted as fairly minor reasons ) after a quick chat with their doctor.

A whole week after confessing to being less than stable, I’m hardly any closer to getting any help.
I do see a general doctor, here probably tomorrow morning though.

In the meantime, good old fashioned company and wine seems to have perked me up.
I’ve 2 new friends ( made all by myself, no less ) that have made life more tolerable – massive thanks to Peggy and to Ellis – both very cool people, and thanks to the ever kind Cindy.

Kev, Chris and Caroline arrive tomorrow too, so for a week I’ll have company.
Plus the whole town goes f’ing crazy for the Kentucky Derby horse race festival thing… And everyone dresses as though in a Bad Taste party…

Will my new pink shoes ( no, I’m not kidding – courtesy of Peggy ) clash with the red spokes of my chair wheels?

If they do, then it’ll go down well at the festival.
Ladies Day at Royal Ascot, it’s definitely not…

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