A poignant message.

Russell I have started so many emails to you. None of them expressed how we felt thinking of you – how often we talked about you – how proud we are of how phenomenal you have been in dealing with this. When I saw you unconscious in Toulon a couple of days after the accident the whole thing felt completely unreal. You looked perfect like you were asleep but we were so so scared you wouldn’t wake up or would wake up a different Russell to the one who we know and love so well. We sat with dani telling her u would ski again listening to Stewart and alwyn tell hilarious stories about you tricking some poor nameless girls into drinking p*^#  out of wine bottles and willed you on to wake up and do it all again. Personally no one else so thoroughly appreciates my musical taste in abba and Bryan Adams and gives me so much pleasure to irritate beyond belief on successive holidays winter and summer. It is so fantastic to read your blog and know you are attacking this crap thing that’s happened in the same way you have attacked every challenge you take on. I saw you skiing on the blog today and I was so excited I was jumping up and down yelling for Gerry and the kids to see it. You bastard you are faster than me already – 15 years later and I will still only see your rear view disappearing in the distance. I can’t wait. 
Xxx k

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