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Hi Russ

I’ve just watched the video you posted of the “Freedom chair” skiing and could just imagine you watching it thinking “I’ll have some of that”. And do you know what, I don’t doubt for a minute you will.

You’ll be glad to know you are not generally the first thing that comes into my mind when I wake up !! However recently you have been the second. I had a really minor back problem over Xmas and new year which has not fully resolved yet and I am off skiing on Saturday. So my first thought when I wake up is “bugger, it still feels a bit fragile, I hope I can ski ok” and of course my second is of you. I can’t even begin to imagine what you have to go through in a normal day and I know how much you would give to be able to roll out of bed with a sore back and be off skiing next week. You have said you don’t understand when people say you are an inspiration, well think of it another way. Your situation is a great reality check to those of us fortunate enough to be able bodied at the moment. To spend more than the first minute of my day worrying about a slightly dodgy back seems so self indulgent when I think of the day you face every morning. So you are an inspiration to many, your determination, your positive outlook, your openness. It makes the rest of us keep things in perspective about the silly things we worry about.

I’m really pleased to read about your more positive thoughts recently, I’m sure they will come and go as with any of us lucky enough to be alive, but they seem to be happening more often and for longer for you which is great news. I’m sure that will just keep on happening more and more.

You will be glad to know that I have committed to getting out of my skiing plateau or rut and on Saturday I go to Flaine for a week of off piste instruction with my daughter to the ski club of Great Britain (back allowing !!). Rest assured I will have a quiet moment at the top of a run and try and get a run right for you !! I remember one morning in Val Thorens where you and I went off for a quick ski before the groups met and your patience and advice in giving me a bit of well needed instruction.

Stay strong Russ and keep smiling.



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