The Park Club Boxing ( part 2 ) was an amazing night.
Second time around for me, I was conscious that I felt more a part of it. Last time I was so fresh out of hospital, so fazed by the real world, indeed afraid of it all, that it was almost surreal.
This time I just enjoyed it, saw countless people I knew, had so many laughs, absorbed the energy of the night, and felt very privileged to be there.

The 8 bouts were all closely contested, all the lads clearly wanted to win in front of their friends and families, the crowd was absolutely passionate in its’ support, and it was very noisy from start to finish.

After being carried from the bar ( no, not what you’re thinking), and down the steps by Dan, Tim, Chaff and Terry ie the Club senior management, Terry gave me a push into the Dome. I was in the chair that makes me stand up, allowing me to be 6 foot again, enabling me to once more be up there with the rest of you.
I forget, now that I’m at chest height, sat down, that once stood up, I’m taller than most people, which ( now ) never ceases to surprise me.
The problem with the chair is that it weighs so much, so I do need a push, to go anywhere.

They again parked me up at the Judges’ table, with Johnny and Adam from Sky’s Ringside, along with James Cracknell and Dani too.
It’s definitely the best view in the Dome, and almost feels like being in the ring.
I did wonder how I’d have done in there, pre injury, had things been different, and I was fighting for someone else, for charity. I’m pretty sure I’d have put myself forward to fight, and then embraced the training completely. I think my strength and fitness would have made me a bit of a handful for whoever I was pitted against, but we’ll never know.

There seemed to be a never ending supply of drinks put in front of me, and the combination of not much food, hardly any sleep, the wine, and the altitude of standing did result in my being a bit pissed, frankly… But then again, other than the boxers, everyone else was too.

The after show party went on til 2, by which time I was anybody’s, though thankfully in the fairly safe hands of Pia and Cliff, Dani and my well as undoubtedly a fair few others that had an eye on me.

Again I want to thank everyone involved in the Park Club Boxing, Dan, Ali and Lee, the fighters, Sky, Adrian Chiles, Steve the referee, the pro boxers that came and gave their support ( James Degale, Kevin Mitchell, John Ryder). It was a massive success, everyone there had an extremely good time, and I’m sure it raised a fair bit for the cause ( amount not yet determined).

I’m already looking forward to next year.

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